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    Our objective is to deliver a fast and effective accident compensation services in UK. Claims compensation bureau at National Accident Support Line helps in the best possible way in the event of a roadside accident claim, pedestrian accident, car accident claim, personal injury, accident at workplace, medical injury and more.

    ‘’ National Accident Support Line is a claims management company regulated by Financial conduct Authority and is paid a recommendation fee from its Solicitors .
    Whilst we do not charge you a fee, the solicitor we recommend will do, please ask the solicitor what their fees are.
    You do not need to use us to make a claim for compensation, you can either go direct to your own solicitor or can make a claim yourself with your insurance provider.
    If you have Legal Expense Cover, you can make a claim through the Insurance Provider. ‘’

    • Road Traffic Accident Claim

      Claiming personal injury compensation after a Road Traffic Accident. Let our road accident claim solicitors help you claim!

    • MotorBike Accident Claim

      Claim motorbike accident repairs or claim for road injuries or damages. Let NASL motorbike accident claim solicitors help you to claim your compensation!

    • Work Related Accident Claim

      If you had an accident at workplace then make sure you report the accident to the authority. This entitles you to claim compensation for your pain and injuries.

    • Slips Trips & Falls

      Claim for compensation with the expert solicitors of UK, if you have suffered an injury in a slip, trip or fall in a public place or at workplace due to someone else’s negligence.

    • Personal Injury Claim

      We assist you in the process of your personal injury claims. Our experts helps you to recover compensation for your damage.

    • Dog Bite Claim

      Get the compensation of Dog bite claim. We settle your negotiations between the injured person and the dog owner.

    • School Accident Claim

      National accident support line will perform legal process on behalf of your child to claim compensation for school accident claim.

    • Car Accident Claim

      Get the assistance of your car accident claim with the help of expert accident claim advisors.

    Ready To Claim Accident In UK?

    If you are ready to make a claim for any injury or accident? Then call our Helpline (0333 212 2730). At NASL, we help you with the maximum compensation you deserve in the shortest possible time. Do not delay when you are not at fault and have met an accident that has led to a serious injury or loss in income, asset or health.

    Call now and speak to our expert advisory team who can align you with experienced solicitors in UK, for free advice without any obligation.

    0333 212 2730


    Welcome to National Accident Support Line (NASL). Living in the United Kingdom and having issues regarding claim compensation UK on any type of serious injuries caused by someone else’s negligence, then you have landed on the right place. We have qualified solicitors for traffic accident claims and compensation for each and specific case. Our accident claim experts will be in touch with you all the time during the case. So, call us now for the claim under no obligation!


    NASL advice for claim solution that helps you recover your maximum compensation on a transparent and clear grounds.


    We assure maximum level of satisfaction throughout the claiming process. Your Information are kept confidential.

    No Win No Fee

    If you win the case you have to pay otherwise there is no win no fee situation will apply.

    Friendly Service

    At NASL we exhibit a client friendly attitude and our experts offer prompt solutions to help you with your compensation claim.

    Great Support

    National Accident Support Line is a great supporter of Accident Compensation Claim in UK. We help in getting your damage claim with best possible solutions.


    Compensation settlement with National Accident Support line carries minimum risk factor.You’re eligible to claim compensation for accident if the accident was other’s fault. You can claim serious injury compensation and accident at workplace. Have you suffered financial loss or damage of an asset? Start your claim anytime or get free advice on your case by our expert solicitors who can assist you how to claim accident in UK.