Burn Injury Claims Compensation by NASL’s Solicitors in UK

A burn injury is very painful and in some cases, it results in long-lasting disfiguration. They may cause by extreme heat, electric shock and chemical spillage. They can occur due to a road accident, in a factory, in a workplace, school or college laboratories or even in restaurant kitchens. Anyone is at risk of a burn injury who works in such environment and it is an employer’s responsibility to assure their employees that they are secured against these type of injuries. These injuries can also be avoided if a person follow the proper precautionary measures.

Burn injuries are classified into three categories according to their severity;

  • First-degree burns: The burns that affect the epidermis, that is, first layer of skin. They can be mollified by first aid measures.
  • Second degree burns The burns in which epidermis (first layer) and dermis (second layer) are affected. They require immediate medical care.
  • Third-degree burns: They affect the epidermis, dermis and tissues which are underneath the skin. These burns are severe and requires immediate medical care.

Making a Claim:

Claiming for a burn injury claims depends on certain factors, it might be a life-changing accident and if it is caused by someone else’s fault, you should definitely claim for compensation as soon as possible. You may claim compensation for all the expenditures that are required for medical treatment including immediate treatment, long term treatment or even cosmetic surgeries. You can claim for emotional distress and sufferings too that happened due to the burn injury such as loss of income or some other expenses that are related to the burn injury.

Burn Injury ClaimsSimilarly, like other personal injuries, there is no fixed compensation for claimants. It depends on different aspects like;

  • Severity of injuries i.e. third degree burn victims will get the higher compensation than first and second degree burn victims.
  • Loss of income due to not being able to go to work and other beneficial losses like promotions, bonuses will also be taken into consideration.
  • Causes of injury i.e. intentional, accidental or somebody else’s negligence.

For proper evaluation of your claim, speak to NASL’s experienced solicitors and discuss each and everything with them clearly and honestly.

Claim for Compensation:

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