Chemical injury:

A chemical injury in caused on the skin when it comes in contact with an irritant substance or chemical. It can affect the dermatitis or eye injuries causing long term or partial loss of sight.

If chemical are consumed, it might cause fatal consequences with serious internal injuries. If the treatment is delayed the effect of such harmful chemicals can cause severe symptoms and cause longer recovery time.

Chemical reaction may vary person to person in different ways. We will help you claim for compensation if it was someone else’s negligence to help you recover the injuries

Why to claim for compensation at work for chemical injury?

We know that chemical injuries can be extremely can cause severe life changing consequences such as death disability and disfigurement.

Any of these chemical injury can cause you serious painful damage and stop you from not being able to continue with every day work while trying to recover.

The compensation claim for chemical injury could help you recover the costs of your injury to help you recover into the future. This will help you recover the additional cost of care, transport and accommodation.

Chemical injury occurred at work?

Chemical injuries accident usually happens in workplace because of the widely used chemicals in industrial environments and this can cause harmful side effects, especially if safety measures are neglected.

A Hugh number of different industries and workplace might have different toxic harmful chemicals so that means there’s no particular chemical injury.

The followings are the guidance provided to employers by the control of substances hazardous to health regulations 2002:

  • risk assessments being carried out
  • proper training of the staff
  • safety equipment’s to employees
  • properly and safely storing substance
  • cleaning

We will help you to make compensation claim if your employer has failed to uphold their duty of care and you’ve been injured at work place.

Claim against an employer:

We know that people often hesitate in making injury claims at work because they believe that they might be differently treated by their employer. Collect all necessary details regarding your chemical injury accident at work place.

If you have followed an accident in their business, you have all legal rights that your claim for compensation regarding your injuries at work.

NATIONAL ACCIDENT SUPPORT LINE is here to help in compensation claim:

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We will help you start off with your compensation claim. Our main aim is to provide you free guidance because we can understand that you may hesitate or feel comfortable to speak about your experience.

All of our advisors are highly trained and have full knowledge how to tackle with such injuries compensation claim.