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Scaffolding carries a high risk that is reason, there are strict legal rules on how scaffolding work should be planned, carried out and supervised. Scaffolding accident results in causing injury to the scaffold operator or construction worker using the might also injure innocent site visitors or passengers passing by.

If safety measures are not taken scaffolding accident can cause serious and fatal injuries on construction sites.

Luckily, there are number of safety measures that an employers and workers can take to prevent danger. We must first know where the danger lies in order to prevent danger.

How Scaffolding Accident Are Caused?

One of the most danger injury involved in the use of scaffold is working at height. Another notable reason is the incorrect assembly of the scaffold by an untrained worker or the use of rusted substituted might lead to collapse or partial collapse or safety rails or movements of the boards.

Other Cause Of Scaffolding Accident May Include:

  • Inappropriate manual handling of the scaffold.
  • using of scaffolding when yet
  • Leaving tools and material can also cause accident or fall injury.

The main type of scaffolding accident also includes slips trips & falls. These types of workplace injuries happen each year and falling of objects on public might be injurious.

Injuries That Might Occur Due To Scaffolding Accident:

Scaffolding injuries may lead to broken bones, back injuries, neck, head and brain injuries.

In addition to the potential serious injuries entitled having to pay medical bills and travel expenses and loss of earning.

Compensation for these injuries are specially to account for the pain and suffering experience and for these financial losses.

Scaffolding Accident Liability:

In order for this to happen, if any of the above regulation are not adhered to, an employer, it should be shown that their action or inaction was the cause of the scaffold accident.

To Prove Negligence Evidence Should Include:

  • Reports for medical treatment
  • Evidence of the witness
  • Scene’s / scenarios photography
  • Accident books

Even with all complete evidence the process of making a claim can be complicated. Every contractors have their legal team that help find ways to counter the claim.

The employer may find to prove? Contributory negligence in their defence, disputing full liability they could .for example: argue that the claimant caused the accident as they followed the correct procedure at the time.

For proving liabilities to the member injured in public can be more straightforward, but also in the same way negligence would be demonstrated.

Making A No Win No Fee Claim For Scaffolding Accident:

A no win no fee arrangement (is a conditional fee agreement) is technically referred in between the claimant and a PI outline what will the lawyer do and if the case is won how the solicitor will be remunerated.


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