Accident can occur at any place and anywhere. Thousands of accident takes place in supermarket, either injuring the customers or the staff. The most common accident that is notified is the slip and trip caused by the wet floor and spillages. If the person is affected by the accident as a result of store negligence, the person can pursue a compensation claim.

Injuries from supermarket accidents might be:

  • Cuts and bruises lacerations
  • Ligaments damage
  • Head injuries
  • broken bones
  • Financial and psychological injuries affecting their ability to work

It’s the legal duty of the supermarket to keep the staff and the customers safe from harm and provide them with protective and danger free environment.

Responsibility Practice to avoid supermarket accidents:

Supermarket must look out of risk and should identify all possible danger for both staff and customers. To prevent injuries from occurring they must implement sufficient health and safety measures.

Some of the most common preventable hazards in supermarkets includes:

  • Wet floor – caused by freezers and chillers, weather, leaking or cleaning products.
  • Spillages – from food and liquid products
  • Falling of items – due to incorrect placement

In addition supermarket employees can also be injured by:

  • Lifting of heavy objects – without positioning or right support
  • Dangerous equipment and defective machinery ( such as roll cages or lift trucks)
  • Poorly stacked goods – either in store room or loading from delivery van

A supermarket can be held liable if it fails to prevent a customer or staff member from suffering damage. For a successful it should be shown that the supermarket was at fault. If this cannot be proved, in full or in past, then the claim would be unsuccessful. The store might use the negligence of contributory to seek for defense.

Step should be taken when an accident occurs:

The first step is to notify the member of supermarket staff if a customers is involved in an accident. The accident should be recorded in the accident book and administer any minor first aid required. The same applied for injured employees. If possible

  • Click photographs of the scene
  • Click photographs of the injuries
  • Details of the witness
  • Footage of CCTV camera

A visit to the hospital or medical bills for supermarket injuries can also help and will provide to be important evidence. Compensation claim depends on the injuries you have encountered in a supermarket accident.

Further Step You Must Take:

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